Stellar Kent Corporation brings over 25 years of corporate patent award experience to the industry with innovative solutions to all aspects of intellectual property and patent recognition.

Carol Hall - CEO

Carol Hall - CEO

Impeccable Products, Professional Service & Guaranteed Satisfaction

Stellar Kent Corporation delivers the exceptional, high quality, patent awards, acrylic patent plaques, and Wall of Fame patent displays that inventors are proud to receive, display, and pass down for generations. Our unique line of stock and custom patent awards include the cutting-edge and innovative as well as beautiful awards steeped in traditional beauty, all created with state-of-the-art technology.

We offer solutions for prolific inventors, stackable, connectable desktop awards, foreign patent formats, trade secret awards, patent application awards, U.S. patent awards, and publication awards.

With our talented team and inspiring patent award design and patent display solutions, we take patent recognition to a new level, ultimately resulting in refreshed enthusiasm among inventors for their work, their company, and their ideas yet to come.

We take pride in our attentiveness. At Stellar Kent we believe in providing our individualized customer service through each step in our patent award or patent display creation process, with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Headquartered in the greater Twin Cities area, Stellar Kent is a hub for clients from coast-to-coast and across the world.

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“Stellar Kent did an excellent job with our patents plaques and beautiful patent wall display.
Carol was awesome to work with, too.”
-Angela R., Packet Design